Network Engineering Troubleshooting, Optimization and Maintenance

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Network Engineering Troubleshooting, Optimization and Maintenance

Netmiko A Python library that enables Python automation scripts to interact with network devices. Like a good plumber or electrician, every network administrator needs a good set of tools in their toolbox linux network engineer to get the job done right. Whether you’re the new guy in the office or a seasoned veteran, these tools will serve to help you investigate and troubleshoot countless issues as they arise on your network.

NAPALM is a Python library that can interact with different network devices via a unified API. Ansible by RedHat, the simple automation framework, is definitely at the core of a lot of new networking DevOp solutions.

Network automation FAQs

SolarWinds Port Scanner – FREE TOOL A free tool that identifies which IP addresses within a given range are in use and then checks all of the TCP and UDP ports on each. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager – FREE TRIAL A system that automates the standardization of device configuration and then guards them against unauthorized changes. SolarWinds TFTP Server – FREE TOOL A free, lightweight file transfer server for small network files. If you want to learn more and be a master of Wireshark, you can check our WireShark Crash Course. It will give you all the skills you need to be a pro of Packet Sniffing.

Workshop prepares young scientists, engineers for professional … – The Hub at Johns Hopkins

Workshop prepares young scientists, engineers for professional ….

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Clearly my preference is Git, but in truth, anything will do. What’s important is being able to track changes to a configuration in an easy way, that doesn’t depend on bulky management servers from a networking vendor. Enforce some level of accountability for what happens on your networking devices. However, in many cases, it’s important to collaborate over the files that you are tracking in your Git repository. For developers, this is often source code but it could very easily be two senior network engineers working on 50 switch configurations.

A Holistic IT Operations Management Approach with ManageEngine OpManager Plus

These days, automation for any IT system is based on scripts, which are the updated equivalent of batch jobs. These are usually written in Python, Golang, Perl, or JavaScript. The software keeps track of the state of each automation, verifies the results, provides insights, and remediates failures automatically. AOS also comes with closed-loop real-time validation and advanced data analytics. With AOS, you can create, edit, or remove leaf-spine devices, instantly across different network vendors.

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