Kitchen – Most used space in a home | 2021

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Kitchen – Most used space in a home | 2021

Kitchen is not just a colorful room with glossy finishes. It is the heart of a home. A delightful day begins there with a freshly brewed coffee. The time we spend in the kitchen is completely functional -circulating to access all around the place. It is also a memorable room with most garnished moments. Since childhood days, we began being in the kitchen running around and jumping to hold a snack rack while your mom is preparing aromatic food. We grew learning and experimenting new food items in our kitchens with our friends and a chit-chat spot for majority of the women. Undoubtedly, it is the most used room.

Kitchens should be designed around what’s truly important – Fun, Food & Life” 

-Daniel Boulud.

Kitchen has its own way of functionality, utilization and each of it is unique. It carries the heritage of the family. To design such kitchens we need to add required design ingredients to complete an authentic kitchen. Potentially, Magic triangle is the most known kitchen rule since 1920’s. Kitchen triangle is an ideal strategy of marking some lines from major zones of the kitchen, avoiding overlapping on one another in the high traffic kitchen. It is a mapping idea that initially makes a designer decide the zones like, Wet, hot & cold.

As the zones kept evolving as per the human requirements, the prominence for this triangle has increased as this rule shall be applied first, regardless of shape& size of the kitchen. Later, the new category of kitchen zones like, Baking, Coffee, Microwave, Mini-Bar, and Cleaning & Snacking falls onto the remaining- respective placements. Formation of these triangles also helps in tasking up the morning rush and pleasant dinners by working out on Ergonomics. Usually, kitchens are made considering the personal interests of the user. According to the area and orientation of the space, the kitchen takes its base shape. Apart from zones, a kitchen can also be divided into its functional aspects, like Cooking, Preparation and Cleaning. It further helps us to ensure the kitchen is tidy and mess-free. The units and cabinets shall be provided all-in-all the division placements. Kitchen appears all dolled up by the laminates we provide. There are different materials arriving in the market as a variant for laminate, especially for the kitchen usage. As the rush in the kitchen is high, dealing with steam, water and lubes. The finishes are layered, glazed and stylish, making it more convenient for user maintenance. We, as designers, take note of all the aspects to fulfill the space and user requirements. Join hands with http://texturesandpatterns.comTextures & Patterns for most happening kitchen interiors.

Mohanasree Ramachandran

Mohanasree Ramachandran

Interior designer, Stylist & Lecturer.

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